Quo Vadis - he is a dream who became reality !
We waited 1 1/2 year of this combination and at the end of december it was the time we've got him. We call him 'Rødi'. He is a beautiful cute boy, which like to cuddle and play with us and the other cats.
Rødi is a typical boy, with a good triangle head, a straight profile, good chin, well placed ears, strong bones, big paws, a bushy tail and a wonderful coatquality.
You can see, for us he is a dream:) But I think it's normal for the own cats.
We think that he was always a wonderful combination to our girls. In the age of 5 1/2 years he start to spray, in this way we decide to castrate him, because we don't like to separate him from the other cats. So he is living as a happy neuter now in our home.:). His daugther Piper is lived with us till the middle of 2017 and one of his grandchild, Wonder Woman, is already staying with us. In april 2018 we must let you move over the rainbowbridge. It was hard that we lost you, but you had a wonderful live and you were always healthy till your time were come. You were a wonderful part of the family and we miss you.
Thank you very, very much to Bette & John, for this wonderful boy !
Birthday 05. october 1999
died at: 03. april 2018
Father: EC Tilia Nova's Domingo, DM
Mother: IC Oba Martha, DM
Colour: red-silver-mc-tabby-white (NFO-ds-09-23)  carries non-agouti
Titel: Grand International Champion
Bloodgroup A
Litters O-Litter, P-Litter, Q-Litter, U-Litter
Ancestors Pedigree
Roedi in the age of 16 years
Roedi in the age of 2 1/2 years - with summercoat:)) and in the age of 13 1/2 years
Roedi in the age of 2 years, at the end of autum, start to get his wintercoat & in  the age of 1 years
   Roedi im Alter von 1 Jahr