Quo Vadis - he is a dream who became reality !
We waited 1 1/2 year of this combination and at the end of december it was the time we've got him. We call him 'Rødi'. He is a beautiful cute boy, which like to cuddle and play with us and the other cats.
Rødi is a typical boy, with a good triangle head, a straight profile, good chin, well placed ears, strong bones, big paws, a bushy tail and a wonderful coatquality.
You can see, for us he is a dream:) But I think it's normal for the own cats.
We think that he was always a wonderful combination to our girls. In the age of 5 1/2 years he start to spray, in this way we decide to castrate him, because we don't like to separate him from the other cats. So he is living as a happy neuter now in our home.:). His daugther Piper is living with us and one of his grandchilds 'Touch my Heart' is living with the Lochnargar's.
Thank you very, very much to Bette & John, for this wonderful boy !
Birthday 05. october 1999
Father: EC Tilia Nova's Domingo, DM
Mother: IC Oba Martha, DM
Colour: red-silver-mc-tabby-white (NFO-ds-09-23)  carries non-agouti
Titel: Grand International Champion
Bloodgroup A
Litters O-Litter, P-Litter, Q-Litter, U-Litter
Ancestors Pedigree
Roedi in the age of 16 years
Roedi in the age of 2 1/2 years - with summercoat:)) and in the age of 13 1/2 years
Roedi in the age of 2 years, at the end of autum, start to get his wintercoat & in  the age of 1 years
   Roedi im Alter von 1 Jahr