There were many reasons to keep Chewbacca in our home. :) One point was that we like to keep the lines of his mother Nscho-tschi in our small cattery and it was time to keep on of Percys offsprings. And another important reason was, that Chewbacca has a absolut adorable temper and a lovely body and bonestructure and of course a nice type :) Hopefully he will be a a real good partner for our girls Nenya and Firestar. But at first he will now have enough time for playing and growing and maybe in 2016 then we will have the first offsprings of him. If one of our girls will be the first time pregnant from Chewbacca, his father Percy will enjoy his life as a neuter in our home.
date of birth 22. march 2014
Father: DK*Tilia Nova's Percy Jackson
Mother: Nscho-tschi von Aminius
Colour: black-white (NFO n 09) - carry delution
GSD IV N/N (both parents are tested N/N), PKdef N/N
  HCM normal (scan 2016-09-19)
Litters New York-Litter; USA-Litter
Ancestors Pedigree
Chewbacca in the age of 1 1/2 years
Chewbacca in the age of 4,5 month
Chewbacca in the age 13 weeks & 9 weeks
pictures - � Nicole Heitbrink