Dear beloved Dazzle,

in 1996 a big dream became true, if you moved from sweden in our home.
We are so happy and proud, that we shared 12 years together. With your wonderful adorable temper you brought so much light in our life and we will miss it very much, that no one will talk with us like you did. You were so cuddling and liked to be always around us.

We are glad that we knew each other and in our hearts you will have always a place. The whole family miss you so much ! You will not only live in our hearts, we see you each day if we take a look to your grandchild Louise, your great-grandchild Piper and your great-great-grandchild Jana. A part of you is living in them too and will always be with us.

Und meine Seele spannte,
weit ihre Flügel aus.
Flog durch die stillen Lande,
als flöge sie nach Haus.
(Josef Freiherr von Eichendorff )

Er ist nun frei
Und unsere Tränen
Wünschen ihm Glück
(Zitat: Johann Wolfang von Goethe)

date of birth: 01. july 1996
died: 16. december 2008
Father: EC Zolas Frej
Mother: Ch S*Kvistdungen's Celine
Colours: black-silver-mc-tabby-white (NFO-ns-09-23) non-agouti-Trägerin
Offsprings: I-Litter
Ancestors: Pedigree