We waited for a long that Nenya gave birth to her first kittens and we hoped for a nice daughter of her to keep our lines for the future in our cattery. So we were very happy if Firestar were born and it was love with the first sigh. And we are so glad that she shows real good qualities (lovely type with well set ears and straight profile and lovely body and bonestructure) and that she has a lovely cuddling temper and she is silver like her mother :)
At her first show in february 2013 she became BIV and was nominated for BIS
date of birth 30. august 2012
Father: Lochnargar's Zucchero
Mother: Nenya von Aminius
Colour: blue-silver-tortie-tabby-cl-white (NFO-gs-09-22)
  GSD IV N/N (both parents are tested N/N); PKdef N/N (parents/ancestors are tested N/N)
   HCM Result: normal (scan at 2015-12-03 & at 2017-11-12)
Litters Panem-Litter; Z-Litter; New York-Litter
Ancestors Pedigree
Firestar in the age of 2,5 years
Firestar in the age of 7 months
Firestar in the age of 11 weeks
Pictures - Nicole Heitbrink