Björn falled in love with Flubber if we visited his breeder, because Flubber stayed all the time on his knees and was purring:) So Flubber was Björns Norwegian Forest Cat.
Flubber had a wonderful temper and we like his expression very much. He had the body from a lovely female, that's the way we castrate him at summer 2000, because we don't like to get kittens from him. But Flubber had the opinion, that he should be father:) So only in ten minutes he mated Impala after his castration:) In this way, we've got 5 lovely kittens from him, which are beautiful of the type and nice strong built. Later on as a neuter Flubber shows a good size and bonestructure, but also a good kitchen.:) We are happy that he shared his life with us, because he is was our beloved big white cuddlebear. We miss him very much, with his special temper and expression. He was the chief in the group of the cats and had never problems with humans or other animals.
S*Blue Impala's Flubber S*Blue Impala's Flubber
date of birth: 07. March 1998
date of death: 27. january 2009
Father: S*Opatijas Nick Nolte
Mother: S*Frostabäcken's Bianca Zandra
Colour: white blue eyed (NFO-w-61)
Litters: N-Litter
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