Dear Kalle,
thanks a lot for 7 wonderful years, which we spend together. You were our sunshine and you made as very lucky, with your wonderful expression, your gentle purrs and your beautiful cuddling temper.
Together we fight for your life, we went with you this way and we said goodbye to you. We didn't win and you went over the rainbowbridge:( But you choose the point.
The day will come and we will meet together !
In our hearts you will live forever and in your child, grandchilds and grandgrandchilds too. You were our first male and you had all personify which a Norwegian Forest Cat should has for us.
Thanks a lot for this wonderful time !
"Niemand, den man liebt, ist jemals tot"
(Zitat: Ernest M. Hemingway)
A big thanks to Moni Binder, which entrust us this wonderful boy !
Also thank you to my family, Moni and Roelie, which support me the last days I had with Kalle.
born: 18. march 1995
died: 23. january 2002
Father: EC/Pr Christiania's Haakon Magnus
Mother: IC Icecat's Arctic Allegra
Colour: black-white (NFO-n-09)
Litters I-Litter + J-Litter
Ancestors Pedigree
some nominations and BIVs
1996 &1997 in the "Skogkatt of the year" (FIFe)
1996 & 1997 in the "Top Twenty", bzw. "Top 75" from 1. DEKZV
1997 - Place 1 of "Årets skogkatt kontinental 97" from the Norsk Skogkattring, Norway