Once upon a time......Since a long time ago I had a big dream, but it looked like that this dream will never become true, because there were always things who foil the plans and I thought maybe it shouldn't be......
Years gone away, but I never give up my dream.... and now moved Kira, a lovable girl out of old norwegian lines in our home.
Big thanks to Hanne & Mona who let my dream become true !

We had many wonderful years together, but on the other side not really enough years. It wasn't easy to made the decision to let you go, but of course for your feelings it was the best. We don't like to let you live with pain... In your children and grandchildren you will always live and they all will shows a part of your special adorable temper.

You moved to us 10 1/2 years before as a adult girl and need time to be a member of the cat group, but it works. With your pedigree you brought the old lines in our small cattery and your offsprings show often your lovely expression. You had always a wonderful coatquality and I miss your special lovely "lovebit".

From your second litter, born in april 2008, we kept your lovely daughter Nscho-tschi and also your grandson is living with us.

date of birth 19. february 2004
date of death 24. august 2016
Father: Ellila's Sylvester
Mother: Ch Aag's Billeba
Colour: black-white (NFO-n-09)
  GSD IV N/N (normal)
  HCM Result: normal (scan at 2011-04-19)
Litters: Buffy-Litter; Winnetou-Litter, Narnia-Litter
Ancestors: Pedigree


Kira in the age of 11 years (may 2015)


Kira in the age of 5 years (september 2009)