Pepper & Grammy became parents !

date of birth: 31. march 2019

The parents:

Mother: Peppermint Patty von Aminius  - black-silver-tortie-tabby-mc-white  (NFO-fs-09-23)
Father: DK*Toonscat's Usher (Grammy)-  black silver tabby harlekin green eyes (NFO ns 02 21 64)



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Harry Potter von Aminius male black smoke harlekin (NFO ns 02) sold
Sirius Black von Aminius male black smoke bicolour (NFO ns 03) sold
Hermine Granger von Aminius female black tortie tabby harlekin (NFO f 02 21) sold
Ginny Weasley von Aminius female blue tortie tabby mackerel white (NFO g 09 23) on hold
Luna Lovegood von Aminius female black silver tabby mackerel white (NFO ns 09 23) on hold

available: The kitten is searching for a new home

on hold: There are people how are interesting in one or more kittens, but they haven't decide like yet or like to wait with the decision till the kittens become older. If you are interesting in one of this kittens, then please feel free to contact us, maybe the kittens is available again or the decision will impend soon.

sold: The kitten found a new home and will move in the age of 14/15 weeks

All cats and kittens are familymembers and they get many time and love from us.
That's the way, that they have a good friendly temper. They like it to play and cuddle.
Our kittens get all vaccination  (RCP, rabies, FeLV), are test for FIV/FeLV, several times dewormed and all have a microchip.
Before they leave our home they will get a health guarantee from our veterinary. The parents are GSD IV N/N & PK def N/N. We have now 4 generations on cats who are HCM scanned negativ in older ages. The oldest ancestor, of our offsprings, who live in our home is DK*Tilia Nova's Quo Vadis, he is 18 years old.
Our plans for the summer/autum 2019

DK*Toonscat's Usher -
black-silver-tabby-harlekin (NFO ns 02 21 64), carry delution and non agouti

Captain Marvel von Aminius -
black-silver-tortie-tabby-mc-white (NFO-g-02-21 64), carry non agouti and classic tabby