We maybe expecting kittens at the end of march !
The parents will be:

DK*Toonscat's Usher -
black-silver-tabby harlekin (NFO ns 02 21 64), carry non agouti

Peppermint Patty von Aminius -
black-silver-tortie-tabby-mc-white (NFO-fs-09-23), carry non agouti and maybe delution
All cats and kittens are familymembers and they get many time and love from us.
That's the way, that they have a good friendly temper. They like it to play and cuddle.
Our kittens get all vaccination  (RCP, rabies, FeLV), are test for FIV/FeLV, several times dewormed and all have a microchip.
Before they leave our home they will get a health guarantee from our veterinary. The parents are GSD IV N/N & PK def N/N. We have now 4 generations on cats who are HCM scanned negativ in older ages. The oldest ancestor, of our offsprings, who live in our home is DK*Tilia Nova's Quo Vadis, he is 18 years old.