It took time that I started to write these words, because you were always very special for us. It broke my heart if we must let you go and I'm sure that you took a part of my heart with you. You were always our "Zaubermaus", friendly, cuddling and absolutly adorable. In our thougths and in your daughter Piper you will live always and we will always think about you. We fight a long time together, but the illness was to strong and at least wons.:( We miss you very much cute special girl.
Louise Lane was the first daughter of our Impala and Dazzles granddaughter. She wasn't the biggest, but it was love from the first moment. She was the first blue-white girl which was born in our cattery and she weight only 58g at birth. But she like to life and she was so cute, so we kept her in our home.
Louise had a good bonestructure and a nice triangle head, with well placed ears. She was the only one from this litter which had from the first weeks many coat and she has a good coatquality too.
We mated her with Roedi and in june 2002 her first kittens were born. They combination was really good, so we repeated the mating in 2003 again. In june 2005 we decide to castrate Louise, so she had a happy live as a neuter in our home.
date of birth 01. october 1999
date of death 12. april 2010
Father S*Blue Impala's Figaro
Mother IC Impala's Dream von Aminius
Colour blue-white (NFO-a-09)
Litters P-Litter, Q-Litter
Ancestors Pedigree
Louise im November 2002, als ihre Babies 4 Monate alt waren