Since the kittens of Janas last litter were born, we were sure to keep one of the girls. We took a bit time for our decision, but on the other side after a few days from the heart we had made our decision.:) From the beginning we called her "Mini-Piper", because of the reason that she looked so much her grandma Piper. She has also such a charming temper that we falled in love.:) And we had the feeling that Nenya absolutly knew that we choosen her.:) And in her pedigree you can find our breeding cats who live together or lived the last 16 years together with (Kalle, Dazzle, Impala, Figaro, Louise Lane, Piper, Roedi, Inga-Lill, Jana, Legolas).

Nenya shows many positive things of her ancestors, like lovely temper, good body- and bonestructure and a good type. She is a good built girl with nice tail length, nice triangle head and well setting ears. And she has a wonderful temper. From her fist litter we kept her daugther Firestar, who develope real good. With the years we kept two daugthers of Nenya and decided to neuter her in the age of 7 years. So she can now have a nice life as a happy neuter :) Nenya lives together with her grandchild Henri Bendel von Aminius

date of birth: 10. september 2010
Father: S*Blue Impala's Jamboree
Mother: Wonder Woman von Aminius
Colour: black-silver-tortie-tabby-mc-white (NFO-fs-09-23) - carry delution
  GSD IV N/N, PKdef N/N
  HCM normal (scan at 2016-09-19)
Litters Marvel-Litter; Lion King-Litter; Fairytale-Litter; Candy-Litter
Ancestors Pedigree
Nenya in the age of 2,5 years (sorry, the pictures haven't the best quality)
Nenya in the age of 3 month
Nenya in the age of 9 and 10 weeks
Fotos - � Nicole Heitbrink