After 12 years again a Tilia Nova's male moved in our home. Since a long time we were searching for a nice new male for our females, but most time it didn't worked with the matings we were waiting for or other things were happen. With the view that we liked to save the lines from our Roedi (our first Tilia Nova boy) for the future too and if Bette told us about her plans for the mating between Bine and Sylvester, we were sure that this is like a "sign". :) Percy is a real good combination to our girls and he has a lovely Norwegian Forest Cat type, nice boning and body and a absolutly wonderful temper.  We kept a daugther and a son of him to keep his lines in our cattery for the future. In february 2016 his last litter were born and then he became a neuter. He is a real cuddlebear and we are very happy and like to say thank you very much to Bette and John again for getting such a wonderful boy !
date of birth 12. november 2010
Father: Tooncat's Sylvester JW
Mother: IC Tilia Nova's Bobbasina
Colour: red-tabby-cl-white (NFO-d-09-22)
GSD IV N/N (both parents are tested N/N); PKdef N/N (parents/ancestors are tested N/N)
  HCM Result: normal (scan at 2015-12-03)
Litters Eragon-Litter; Lion King-Litter; StarWars-Litters; Panem-Litter; Fairytale-Litter; Z-Litter; Candy-Litter; Shannara-Litter
Ancestors Pedigree
Percy in the age of 4 1/2 years
Percy in the age of 7 month & 11 month
Percy in the age of 16 weeks
Pictures - Nicole Heitbrink