birth 13. june 2002
died at: 08. august 2017
Father: GIC Tilia Nova's Quo Vadis
Mother: Louise Lane von Aminius
Colour: black-silver-mc-tortie-tabby-white
Titel: International Champion
HCM Result:
normal (scan at 2006-10-14 & 2011-04-19)
Bloodgroup: A GSD IV N/N (normal)
Litters T-Litter, W-Litter
Ancestors Pedigree
If the kittens were born, we were so happy about Piper - since the first sight I was absoluty fazinated from her:)

She had a lovely triangle head and well set ears like her father. Piper was a very strong built female with a lovely big size, big paws and good bonestructure. She was one of our cuddlebears - one of her favourite thing was to sit on our knees and purr the whole time.:)

In may 2004 she got her first kittens and we were really happy with them, because all develope in a very nice way. From her last litter we kept her daughter Wonder Woman. After a two year break we tried to get her pregnant several times (with two different males), but it didn't work.:(  So Piper moved to the site of the neuters.. We were really sad about it, because she was a wonderful mother and her cats are absolutly adorable for us. But she stayed the whole time of her life in our family, because she was a very special cat for us. At the beginning of 2016 she got cancer and in october 2016 she needed a operation. In august 2017 we must let her go and lost the fight against cancer. But till this time she lived without pain and felt well. We miss you much our beloved special girl !!

 Piper in the age of 4 yearsPiper in the age of 1 year ( at the summertime)
Piper in the age of 4 years and 1 year (at the summertime)
Piper in the age of 2 years (with wintercoat) and 4 weeks
pictures - © Nicole Heitbrink/Monika Binder