Since a longer time ago we planned to keep a girl from the combination Piper x Legolas. Not only about the lines and the look and type of the parents, also my daughter waited a long time of her 'own girl' and we promise her that she can keep a daughter of Piper if she will get kittens.:) My daugther gave her girl the first name 'Jana' - so you will read the most time this name here.:)

Jana has a lovely type with a nice triangle and big well placed ears. She shows a nice coat texture and she has a strong body on high legs and a long tail. She got 4 wonderful litters and the kittens were lovely from type, boning and temper.  After 4 litters we decide to spay Jana. One reason was, that the litters became larger and larger - in her fourth litter she became 8 kittens. So Jana will be now a happy neuter and is the big "cuddling cat" from my daugther.:) But we kept from her last litter her daughter "Nenya", to save the lines, look and temper.

date of birth 09. june 2005
Father: PR Sanda Legolas von Aminius
Mother: IC Piper von Aminius
Colour: blue-silver-tortie-tabby-mc-white (NFO-gs-01-21)
Bloodgroup A
HCM Result: normal (scan at 2011-04-19)
Litters Lord of the Rings-Litter; Mythology-Litter ; X-Men-Litter ; Tolkien-Litter
Ancestors Pedigree
Jana in the age of 10 month
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Jana in the age of 12 weeks
Nicole Heitbrink