Dear visitors,

In the directory at the left side you will find a summary about our previous litters.
Here you can get informations about the parents, date of birth and pictures of each kitten.
In october 1992 our first litter saw the light of day. At this time we decided to give the names
of the litters in alphabetical order. In 2007 our first "theme litter" (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) is born.
Till today we had no Z-Litter, because we didn't found the right names with "Z" yet and in this way we are in search of it.:)
But I'm sure one day we will have a Z-Litter.

If you are interesting in a kitten, please visit the kitten site oder get in contact by e-mail.
We are located in germany, not far from Frankfurt/M. We will be glad to give you informations.
So please feel free to contact us.

Enjoy your visit at our sites
Yours family Heitbrink