Maybe you will ask why he got the name XX-Large ?!:)
- it's real simple, because he had a good birthweight of 146g.

Angel (the name we call him) is a lovely boy and it was love with the first sight. We know that it's from the breeders view a bit illogical that we keep him, but sometimes your heart telling you a different way. It's Impalas last son, because it was her last litter in the age of 8 years and we decide to castrate her. We hoped very much for a daughter, but she give as a wonderful boy - so maybe it's kismet.:) He inherited the preferences from both parents and developed in a nice way, so he turn out to a beautiful male. In the first way we kept him as a pet, because a part of our females are related to him. So we knew he will be not for a long time a stud in our home... In august 2008 we decide to neuter him, because he start spraying and we had no females for him any longer, because we kept a daughter from him too in our home.

date of birth 20. february 2006
Father: PR Sanda Legolas von Aminius
Mother: IC Impala's Dream von Aminius
Colour: blue-white (NFO-a-09)
Offsprings: Winnetou-Litter
Ancestors: Pedigree

Angel in the age of 9 years

Angel in the age of 3 years


Angel in the age of 9 month