Since 1992 we are breeding Norwegian Forest Cats under the name 'von Aminius'. We are a member of Rassekatzen Stuttgart e.V. (the club is under the patronage of the 1.DEKZV e.V., the german FIFe-club),  & , the german NFO clubs IG Norw. Waldkatzen im 1.DEKZV e.V. & Hallo Norweger .

Health, temper, bonestructure and coatquality are very important for us. We are geared on the FIFe-standard. Our cats are from swedish, norwegian and danish lines. We could get kittens in different colours, only totaly white we don't have. Only 2 times in the year we have kitten, so we have enough time for them to play, to cuddle...... - they are all familymembers -. For more information please read all under 'about us'

The kittens will leave our home in the age of 14 - 16 weeks, vaccinated against Infectious Enteritis, Respiratory Viral Diseases, Rabies and Feline Leukemia (FeLV), tested FIV/FeLV, microchipped and with a health guarantee from the veterinary. Our kittens are GSD IV N/N and PK-def N/N. We test our cats for HCM.