We are Nicole, Björn (both are born in 1970) and our daugther Larissa (01/2000). We live in our own house in a small country call 'Appenheim', located not far from Mainz and Wiesbaden.

Our cats are all familymembers and they can stay in all rooms together with us. We have also a nice big balcony which the cats can use, if they like. I'm (Nicole) staying at home at the moment, and take the time for the children, the cats and volunteering in our cat club and the school.

Health and temper are the most important thing for us. The kittens develope with many love, care and a good veterinarian care in the middle of the family. Vaccinated against Infectious Enteritis. Respiratory Viral Diseases, Feline Leukemia and Rabies, FIV/Feline Leukemia tested, with a health guarantee - the kittens will move in the age between 14-16 weeks in their new homes. All cats are GSD IV N/N and PK def N/N. Our adult cats are scanned for HCM. In germany and to the countries around germany we will bring the kittens to their new home.

We like the unspoilt, robust and natural Norwegian Forest Cats. That's the way we breed like the FIFe-Standard. Our goal are typical, strong built Norwegian Forest Cats in combination with a good coatquality. - Health and Temper are obvious for us -.
Important for us too, is to hold a good contact to the owner of our cats and to the breeders, from which we've got our cats - personally, by phone or e-mail -.We like to see how the kittens from our cattery are develope and like to know how they feeling in their homes. We try to help all the time !
To ensure all these things, we have only 2-3 times the year kittens. So we have always enough time to take care of the kittens and our girls have enough time to relax between the litters.

If you are interesting to get more information or to get a nice kitten, then feel free to contact us by e-mail or by phone - (0049) 6725 3282, Fax-number: (0049) 6725 2495

How it start:

1991 we saw our first Norwegian Forest Cat - a lovely black-silver-tabby male. From this time we falled in love with these breed. Enchanted from their wonderful look and their imposing impression.

In 1992 we start a breed community with my mother under the name 'von Aminius'. We were a member of a independent club in germany (WCF) and the first cats were my mother cats. My own cat moved 1993 in our home - her name 'Soraya von Adeloga', a black-tabby-mc-white girl with lovely green eyes. At the beginning of 1996 she got her first litter.

Since 1995 we are a member of the german FIFe-club 1.DEKZV e.V.. Since this time I breed alone under the Catteryname 'von Aminius'. My mother start to breed Maine Coon & Norwegian Forest Cats under her own catteryname 'Lochnargar's - which is FIFe registered too -.
In 1995 we've got our first stud - EC/IP Icecat's Kalle Blomqvist. A beautiful male, with a lovely temper and a nice expression. He stayed 7 years with us and then he went over the rainbowbridge. In 1996 a dream comes truth - S*Blue Impala's Dazzle moved to our home, our first girl from sweden -. She is living as a neuter in our home too. With her stays her daugther Impala and her sun Indiana Jones.
Since this time we stay one time the year in sweden, to make holiday, meet friends and other kind breeders. From sweden we've got also Flubber and Figaro. Figaro we couldn't keep, because he start to hit all other cats and at this time they didn't feel very well. So Figaro moved to very kind petowners.
Since 30.12.1999 we have a lovey boy from denmark, which will be the loverboy for our own girls. He comes from a small cattery in denmark - DK*Tilia Nova's Quo Vadis. Thanks a lot to Bette & John for this lovely boy !
In 2006 a dream became true again, (N)Aag's Kira Nightly from norway moved in our home, a girl out of old lines. And in 2011 again a lovely male from Tilia Nova's came to us, Percy Jackson . :) 
Hope you enjoy the visit at our homepage !
Best wishes
Nicole and family